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Baby with Toys
Three Girls


6 weeks - 16 months  old

The first 16 months of a child’s life are crucial to their success. During this time, children learn and explore the world through touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. Through our infant program, our teacher engages with each child in a responsive environment that reinforces the warmth, security and love they are used to receiving at home. We also promote gentle play – encouraging the babies to explore their surroundings with their voice, hands, feet and toes.



16 months -  2.5 years old

The LadyBug Academy Toddler program is designed for the growing energy and curiosity of 2 years old. During this stage of life, your child is beginning to define and develop their individuality and unique personality. At LadyBug Academy, we look for resourceful ways to help children learn and discover. In particular, we design activities that spur children’s imagination, vocabulary and learning process. 


2.5-3.5 years old

Through a wide variety of children-focused activities, our Pre-schoolers are encouraged to explore their curiosity and discover new ways of learning. Whether they are cutting, pasting, painting, singing, stacking blocks in our blocks center, climbing, sliding, or putting together puzzles – we ensure our Mini Pre-schoolers are loved, nurtured, and supported.

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