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LadyBug Academy
Daycare & Full Day Preschool in Merrifield and Arlington, VA

Building a Meaningful

Community for Our Children

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Locations & Programs

“Children need the freedom to appreciate the infinite resources of their hands, their eyes and their ears, the resources of forms, materials, sounds and colors."

- Loris Malaguzzi

LadyBug Academy - Arlington, VA

2500 Wilson Blvd Suite 100B Arlington VA 22201

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6 weeks - 12 months

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Infants II:

13 months - 2 years old

preschool arlington


2 years old

preschools arlington va


3 years old

child care arlington


4-5 years old

LadyBug Academy - Merrifield

3018 Javier Rd. Suite 100 Fairfax, VA 22031

3020 Javier Rd. Fairfax, VA 22031

child care academy


6 weeks - 15 months

preschool fairfax va


16 -  30 months

early years preschool arlington va

Two & Half:

30 - 36 months 

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3 years old

full day preschool arlington va


4-5 years old

Ladybug Academy: The Benefits of Choosing the Best Preschool in Arlington, VA

Ladybug Academy stands out as one of the best preschools in Arlington, VA, offering young learners a nurturing and educational environment. 


Comprehensive and Enriching Curriculum:

Ladybug Academy implements a comprehensive curriculum encompassing various subjects and learning areas. From language and literacy development to math concepts, science exploration, and social skills, the curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded educational experience. The curriculum is thoughtfully tailored to meet the developmental needs of preschoolers and foster their cognitive, emotional, and social growth.


Experienced and Caring Educators:

Ladybug Academy takes pride in its team of experienced and dedicated educators. The teachers at Ladybug Academy have a deep understanding of early childhood development and utilize research-based teaching strategies to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences. They provide individualized attention and support, fostering a warm, nurturing atmosphere where children feel safe, valued, and encouraged to explore and learn.


Play-Based Learning and Hands-On Activities:

Ladybug Academy recognizes the importance of play in early childhood education. The preschool emphasizes play-based learning, where children engage in hands-on activities, imaginative play, and creative expression. Through play, children develop problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and self-expression skills. Ladybug Academy creates an environment that encourages curiosity, exploration, and active learning through play.


Focus on Social and Emotional Development:

Ladybug Academy understands the significance of social and emotional development in young children. The preschool fosters a positive and inclusive environment where children learn to build relationships, develop empathy, and regulate emotions. Children at Ladybug Academy learn important social skills through guided activities and social interactions, such as sharing, taking turns, and effective communication, setting a solid foundation for future interactions.


Safe and Stimulating Learning Environment:

Ladybug Academy prioritizes the safety and well-being of its students. The preschool maintains a clean and secure facility with age-appropriate materials and equipment. The classrooms and play areas are designed to stimulate children's curiosity and imagination. Ladybug Academy provides an inviting atmosphere that encourages exploration, creativity, and a love for learning.


Partnership with Parents:

Ladybug Academy recognizes the importance of strong partnerships between educators and parents. The preschool actively involves parents in their child's learning journey through regular communication, parent-teacher conferences, and opportunities for parental involvement. Ladybug Academy values the insights and contributions of parents, fostering a collaborative approach to support each child's growth and development.

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LadyBug Academy 1 - Merrifield 

3018 Javier Rd. Suite 100 Fairfax, VA 22031

Phone: 703-814-5514

Center Director: Aleksandra Razavi


LadyBug Academy 2 - Merrifield 

3020 Javier Rd. Fairfax, VA 22031

Phone: 571-201-2963

Center Director: Saima Jahan 


LadyBug Academy - Arlington Courthouse

2500 Wilson Blvd St 100B Arlington VA 22201

Phone: 571-473-7295

Center Director: Aleksandra Razavi 


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