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Are you a busy parent, struggling to find the childcare for your little one? Consider none other than Ladybug Academy! Our daycare center and preschool is here to provide you with the best daycare experience in the area. 

We understand that choosing the right childcare provider is crucial for your child's development and peace of mind. Let us guide you through our exceptional services and why we are the preferred choice for parents in Arlington.

Arlington Programs
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6 - 12 months

The first months of a child’s life are crucial to their success. During this time, children learn and explore the world through touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. Through our infant program, our teacher engages with each child in a responsive environment that reinforces the warmth, security, and love they are used to receiving at home. We also promote gentle play – encouraging the babies to explore their surroundings with their voices, hands, feet, and toes.

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Older Infants

13 months - 2 years old

At this crucial age, children are forming social attachments and beginning to imitate their caregivers. Our toddler program places special emphasis on cultivating social bonds in a caring and supportive environment. New sounds and letters are introduced as children begin to understand and emulate language skills. Sensory activities are used to stimulate children’s interest and enjoyment of the world around them.

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2 years old

The Two's Program is designed for the growing energy and curiosity of a two-year-old. During this stage of life, your child is beginning to define and develop their individuality and unique personality. At LadyBug Academy, we look for resourceful ways to help children learn and discover. In particular, we design activities that spur children’s imagination, vocabulary, and learning process. At this level, children are taught to empathize with their peers and social surroundings. Their social-emotional skills are cultivated to prepare them for the world around them.

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3 years old

Through a wide variety of children-focused activities, our Preschoolers are encouraged to explore their curiosity and discover new ways of learning. Whether they are cutting, pasting, painting, singing, stacking blocks in our blocks center, climbing, sliding, or putting together puzzles – we ensure our Preschoolers are loved, nurtured, and supported.

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4-5 years old

Between the age of four and five, our Pre-K Learners explore and learn how to express emotions and abstract thoughts through gestures, noises, painting, building, and creating things. At this stage, peer interaction and group play are critical to healthy emotional and social development.

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Tuition & Enrollment

Discover the Benefits of Arlington Nursery School

Our Arlington daycare center and preschool offers a nurturing environment where children learn, grow, and thrive. Our daycare in Arlington, VA is known for its high-quality care and educational programs. Early childhood education plays a vital role in shaping a child's future, and our experienced staff is committed to providing a safe and stimulating environment for your little one.


Our Arlington daycare center offers a comprehensive range of age-appropriate activities and curricula that foster social, emotional, and cognitive development. We ensure that every child at our Arlington child care center receives personalized attention and opportunities to explore their unique interests.

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Enroll Your Child at Arlington School Today!

Contact us today at 571-473-7295 or schedule a tour and learn more about our enrollment process.

Give your child the best start in life where learning and fun go hand in hand!

Ensure your child's bright future with the best daycare in Arlington, VA!

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