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Our Program

Each of our programs targets children's individual developmental milestones.

Program Benefits

Primary Care

In the first 5 years of life children go through dynamic and visible changes. Our warm, dedicated and attentive caregivers ensure each child within our care is nurtured and supported as they grow. We promote healthy development and work with the family to establish a trusting relationship between each child and our caregivers. 

Individualized Learning

Each week, our caregivers design an individualized activity plan for each child. This plan considers the child’s temperament and disposition, and is adaptive to each child’s needs. Through the use of colorful pictures, puppets, stories, and engaging songs and fun games, our activity plans encourage the physical, intellectual, cognitive and emotional growth of each child.

Parent Communication 

We believe that “It takes a village” to raise a healthy and happy child and work hard to build productive relationships between our caregivers, our parents, and our community. We work closely with parents to ensure their infant develops a healthy sense of trust, is stimulated by his / her activities, and is surrounded by a sense of security and love. To ensure effective communication with parents, a Bright wheel report with information about the child’s activities, naps, diaper changes and overall well-being is sent to parents daily via email.  We also host parent conferences twice a year; and maintain an open door policy that encourages parents to visit and discuss their child’s progress when needed.


Classroom Environment 

Furnishings are thoughtfully organized throughout each classroom, creating a home-like environment. Softly upholstered gliders provide a place for teachers to cuddle an infant or read a favorite storybook. Specialized equipment and materials are situated at the infant’s level.

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